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Can We Keep It?

Benjamin Franklin’s famous comment, “If you can keep it,” was voiced at the formation of our Democratic Republic, suggesting that “keeping it” would require vigilance. #CanWeKeepIt is a forum for exchanging constructive ideas towards attaining our nation’s highest aspirations.

Can We Keep It is intended to expand thought and conversation on the health and vitality of our democratic republic. Politics and governance are key aspects of this discussion, but it goes far beyond. The outcome rises and falls on the values and principals which form the foundation of our society. We welcome constructive contributions to the goal of keeping, or achieving, or revitalizing the lofty aspirations outlined at the forming of America.

Can We Keep It

Most Recent Contributions

Civic Engagement and Democracy

By Rick Moniz, Historian Originally posted on the Can We Keep It Facebook page. “Lightning makes no sound until it strikes.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Where do we find justice? I was recently reminded of the question about justice in the story, ‘The Brothers...

Civility, Leadership, and Opportunity

By Peter Adler, Director, The Accord Network 3.0, Former President, The Keystone Center, Mediator, Author and Teacher Originally posted on the Can We Keep It Facebook page. “We’re making good time but we’re hopelessly lost.” – Yogi Berra I have been thinking a lot...

Fighting and Healing: A Time and Place for Both

By Lucy Moore — Santa Fe-based Mediator, Author, Storyteller, Working with Indigenous Peoples Originally posted on the Can We Keep It Facebook page. I facilitated a meeting recently in a community that had been damaged by a major polluter. Land and water were...

Patriotism v. Nationalism: Learning from History

By Colin Rule, Chair of the Board, Consensus Building Institute Originally posted on the Can We Keep It Facebook page. I have noticed some voices in our national dialogue attempting to rehabilitate the concept of nationalism. Rich Lowry, a respected voice on the...

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