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By Doug Stevens, Austin TX – Pastor, Affirmationist, Interventionist, Restorationist

On this sad, incendiary date in American history, thousands of concerned, patriotic and provoked Americans stormed the United States Capitol in a shocking, violent and misguided attempt to overthrow the government of the United States by overturning the constitutionally-required, legislatively-certified and court-confirmed results of an American presidential election.

The destructive and disheartening effects of this assault continue to haunt, undermine and threaten the ideals and even the viability of the United States of America as a nation of laws … not a nation of favoritism, fabrications of facts and political ploys.

The alternative to free, fair and competently administered elections is insurgency, anarchy (or monarchy), the death of democracy in America, and the removal of the considerable blessings of a diverse people standing for truth, devoted to equal opportunity and justice for all, and learning to live in harmony.

The alternative to chronic incivility and armed rebellion is the acclaimed American tradition of working hard when out of office to make a compelling case that clears a path to legitimately winning the next election, ensuring a peaceful transition of power, the cornerstone of our republic and the renewal of the American experiment.