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About Can We Keep It

Can We Keep It

Early in 2020 we launched #CanWeKeepIt to join other initiatives attempting to encourage a constructive dialogue on the health of American society. It draws on the underlying presupposition that the health of American governance and society requires ongoing vigilance. #CWKI is intended to generate ideas – written and video – from various perspectives which ultimately can be linked to specific actions. Ideas to dialogue to action. One of the key products from this initiative will be an anthology of ideas proposed as critical to sustaining a healthy democratic republic.

Focus Issues

While not limiting our scope to the following issues, contributors will be recruited who can address these issues with some depth:

  1. Excessive polarization in society and government
  2. Gerrymandering
  3. Campaign financing
  4. Over-politicization of almost all societal issues
  5. Impacts and solutions to economic, healthcare and racial inequity
  6. Politico-cultural divide, revolving around red/blue
  7. Public education goals and educational quality of our schools
  8. Lack of science literacy
  9. Identifying the nation’s values
  10. Overcoming challenges to achieving complex policy solutions
  11. Reinvigorating democracy/civic engagement
  12. Climate change
  13. Economic extremes and inequality
  14. Practical responses to poverty, homelessness, and mental health
  15. Health/well-being issues considering obesity and disease levels in the United States
  16. Impacts of AI and robotics
  17. Cultural and governance impacts from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma
  18. Multi-sector partnerships role in affecting meaningful change

Other operational aspects of include:

Video blogs

With the wider application of platforms such as Zoom, it is possible for participants to record ideas in short videos, to create video blogs. Zoom provides a written record of recordings, which can then be added to the anthology of written blogs as well.

Potential applications include:

  • Asking individuals representing differing perspectives to share their perspective on a specific issue via Zoom (or a comparable platform)
  • Asking individuals with expertise in a specific arena to record comments on issues related to their expertise
  • Posting videos as a standalone, or with other videos on the same topic, as well as in a point-counterpoint format, with some moderated discussions with those holding different perspectives on an issue.
  • Viewers could be asked to contribute a question or brief response – all of which would be reviewed before posting.

Partnerships with other initiatives

We continue to actively seek out partnerships with other initiatives with similar objectives. We are already part of the Aspen Institutes’ Weave initiative and are in conversations with several other similar programs or organizations.

Translation of ideas to action

We continue to look for opportunities with community and educational organizations to engage a broader cross-section of people, utilizing/testing ideas from #CWKI as applicable. As an example, #CWKI is linked to a project in the Sacramento region involving grassroots leaders who are working on various community-building programs.

CanWeKeepIt is an initiative of Lead4Tomorrow…

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Gregory Bourne, Editor

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