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Can We Keep It?

Benjamin Franklin’s famous comment, “If you can keep it,” was voiced at the formation of our Democratic Republic, suggesting that “keeping it” would require vigilance. #CanWeKeepIt is a forum for exchanging constructive ideas towards attaining our nation’s highest aspirations.

Can We Keep It is intended to expand thought and conversation on the health and vitality of our democratic republic. Politics and governance are key aspects of this discussion, but it goes far beyond. The outcome rises and falls on the values and principals which form the foundation of our society. We welcome constructive contributions to the goal of keeping, or achieving, or revitalizing the lofty aspirations outlined at the forming of America.

Can We Keep It

Most Recent Contributions

Our Words Matter – the First Tool of Democracy

Language is one of our democracy’s most precious tool. Words are the basis of law, and the means by which we debate, reach understanding and establish agreements. We use words to clarify our ideals and values, and how deeply we hold them. We use words to discern...

In Memoriam: January 6th

By Doug Stevens, Austin TX - Pastor, Affirmationist, Interventionist, Restorationist On this sad, incendiary date in American history, thousands of concerned, patriotic and provoked Americans stormed the United States Capitol in a shocking, violent and misguided...

When Responsibilities Outweigh Rights

By Greg Bourne, Executive Director, Lead4Tomorrow Rights and responsibilities are opposite sides of the same coin – in essence, the currency of American democracy. They go together to define who we are as a people and society. The Bill of Rights builds on the ideal...

For Less Divisiveness, We Need More Humility

By Neal Kohatsu, MD, MPH, Chief Health Strategist, Prevention Policy & Practice Group, University of California, Davis It is ironic that one of the few things Americans can agree upon, today, is there is almost no agreement on anything in this country. Perhaps...

What Do The Times Require?

By Greg Bourne, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Lead4Tomorrow Originally posted on the Can We Keep It Facebook page. Difficult times require difficult choices. To the benefit of our cherished democratic republic then, what kind of a response is required for these...

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